Monday, March 4, 2013

Wedderspoon Premium Manuka Honey Active 16+ Benefits

Benefits Of Using Wedderspoon Premium Manuka Honey Active 16+  (Raw Honey)

When we think of honey we think about how great it taste in certain recipes, how good it is in a nice bowl of hot cereal. But many people only think of the regular honey that’s sold in the stores. What we don’t think much about is raw honey. Raw honey is the best kind of honey anyone can buy. 

100% raw honey is honey that has not been touched, heated, or process in any way shape form or fashion. It is honey that we should all be using. 

Raw honey has natural vitamins, powerful antioxidants and many natural nutrients. Regular honey is heated and pasteurized and all of the important nutrients and antioxidants are burned out during this horrible process.  If you use regular honey, you may as well eat all of the other processed and unhealthy stuff. 

Wedderspoon Premium Manuka Honey Active 16+ is 100% raw honey that has many benefits because it has not be altered in any way.

Some of the benefits the body will enjoy from using Wedderspoon Premium Manuka Honey Active 16+ will be better digestive health, a stronger immune system, healthier blood pressure readings, and less body aches. Raw honey also helps people who have ulcers and aids in weight loss.

Wedderspoon Premium Manuka Honey Active 16+ will also help you if you have allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues. This product also has cancer fighting properties.

When honey is in the natural state, it is good for treating diarrhea, and provides the body with plenty of the Vitamin B’s.

Other great benefits Wedderspoon Premium Manuka Honey Active 16+ will provide you are:

·         A natural great rich taste

·         Good bacterial in the intestines

·         Deeper sleep

·         Better heart health

·         A healthier way to sweeten your food

·         Slows aging

·         Relives morning sickness

·         Lowers cholesterol levels 

One thing to keep in mind is we should be staying away from artificial sweeteners, refined sugars, and high fructose corn syrup which causes weight gain and other problems. Raw honey is what you should be using in your foods. When you eat waffles, pancakes, or a piece of toast, use this honey instead of artificial flavored syrups. You can also consider using 100% maple syrup.

Raw honey supports good bacterial and boosts your energy. Using Wedderspoon Premium Manuka Honey Active 16+ will help relieve many of the common problems most Americans and people arcoss the world experience. People in other nations are using raw honey to cure issues as you are reading this article. Why not you.

Description for Wedderspoon Premium Manuka Honey Active 16+

·         GMO and Antibiotic Free

·         North Americas # 1 Manuka Honey supplier

·         100% Raw 
Manuka Honey

Important Information

100% Raw Manuka Honey

Take 1-2 teaspoons half an hour before meals.

Product Description

Size: 17.6oz

Wedderspoon sources some of the world's finest, raw, organic, mono flora honeys from the pristine pastures and rugged mountains of New Zealand south island. The unique south island climate produces many remarkable honeys exclusive only to New Zealand and Wedderspoon. Being aware of the wide spread colony collapse disorder crisis, our bee keepers use sustainable and labor intensive bee keeping practices to promote healthy bee hives and to increase and maintain the bee population. Every batch of honey is tested for pollen purity and is traceable back to the hive, which guarantees the consistency of all Wedderspoon products. All our artisanal unpasteurized honeys are RAW meaning that they have not been heated. Raw honey is important, as this ensures that the natural bee enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and activity present in raw honey remains unaltered, intact and are not destroyed during packaging. All our honeys are tested to ensure they never contain chemical residues and antibiotics.

Wedderspoon Premium Manuka Honey Active 16+ See All Customer Reviews Here                 

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Kuvings Vs. Omega Juicer

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kuvings Vs. Omega Juicer

Juicing offers great benefits and it is much better than drinking juice from the bottles, even if it is 100% juice. As you may already know, juicing provides the body with more vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals than the store bought stuff. You wake up feeling better and your skin will start to glow and people will take notice. You won't get sick as much or at all, aches and pains will disappear, and your overall health will improve. But the key to getting all of these benefits from juicing is buying the right juicer.

Kuvings vs. Omega Juicer

The brands Kuvings and Omega both offer the best juicers on the market. They also have juicer machines with top masticating technology that operate at a low speed which preserves the healthy nutrients within the fruits and veggies. This is what you want for your body if you're trying to be healthier in 2013 and beyond. So now the question is which is better, the Kuvings or the Omega Juicer.

Kuvings Juicer

Kuvings has a powerful juicer called the Kuvings NS-940 Silent Upright Masticating Juicer. This juicer will provide nutritious drinks because it presses and extracts the beneficial juices from the fruits and vegetables which can be stored longer than most of the juices made from other juicer machines. Using this machine will provide you a fresh real cup of 100% all natural juice.

The Kuvings NS-940 Silent Upright Masticating Juicer makes very little noise and it doesn't overheat while extracting the juice. It runs at a slower speed than most juicers which actually helps preserve the nutrients. Clean up is easy and it looks great on any kitchen.

Omega Juicer

Omega has a wonderful juicer called the Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed Juicer. This beautiful machine does the same as the Kuvings juicer machine by extracting juice from all fruits and veggies to the max. It operates at a low speed to retain the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables. The machines squeeze the juice from the fruits instead of grinding, which not only keeps the valuable stuff, but helps to maintain the natural color and taste.

The Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed Juicer will allow juices to be store for up to 3 days without rotting or spoiling meaning you can make enough for the next several hours up to a couple of days. This juicing machine is quiet and easy to clean. It will also go great will all of your kitchen appliances.

Traditional juicers will keep most of the juices in the fruits and veggies and will not be as quiet as these two tops juicing machines. Both the Kuvings and Omega Juicers will even extract juices from wheatgrass. What other juicers do you know of that will extract the maximum amounts of juices from wheatgrass? Not many at all. Using a great juicer will save you money and you'll get more from your fruit and veggies.

So which one is the best? The Kuvings vs. Omega Juicer website links to the reviews of the actual customers and they tell you there experience. Read the reviews and you will be able to decide which juicer machine is right for you.

The Kuvings vs. Omega Juicer website also tells you which juicer machine has the most reviews and which one has the most 5 star ratings. The ratings are updated several times a week or as often as changes in ratings take place.

Best Sellers in Juicers On Amazon

Picking the right juicer is important so make sure you make the right choice when you purchase your next juicing machine.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fake Ingredients In Popular Foods

Source ABC News/Getty Images 
Anyone who is trying to lose weight and be healthier should stay away from highly processed and chemical laden foods. How can you do that if fake ingredients are in the so called healthy foods. Some fruit juices labeled 100% juice may not be after all. Read this article from the ABC news website (which is also an article Alyssa Milano tweeted to her followers)..............

Among the most popular targets for unscrupulous food suppliers? Pomegranate juice, which is often diluted with grape or pear juice.

"Pomegranate juice is a high-value ingredient and a high-priced ingredient, and adulteration appears to be widespread," Lipp said. "It can be adulterated with other food juices…additional sugar, or just water and sugar."

Lipp added that there have also been reports of completely "synthetic pomegranate juice" that didn't contain any traces of the real juice.

USP tells ABC News that liquids and ground foods in general are the easiest to tamper with: Olive oil: often diluted with cheaper oils Lemon juice: cheapened with water and sugar Tea: diluted with fillers like lawn grass or fern leaves Spices: like paprika or saffron adulterated with dangerous food colorings that mimic the colors

Milk, honey, coffee and syrup are also listed by the USP as being highly adulterated products.
Also high on the list: seafood. The number one fake being escolar, an oily fish that can cause stomach problems, being mislabeled as white tuna or albacore, frequently found on sushi menus.
National Consumers League did its own testing on lemon juice just this past year and found four different products labeled 100 percent lemon juice were far from pure.

"One had 10 percent lemon juice, it said it had 100 percent, another had 15 percent lemon juice, another...had 25 percent, and the last one had 35 percent lemon juice," Sally Greenberg, Executive Director for the National Consumers League said. "And they were all labeled 100 percent lemon juice."  Read of this news story here

All I can say is beware of what you buy and put in your bodies. This is one of the top reasons in my opinion why people have a hard time losing weight and being healthy. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How To Detox Your Skin

Many people think about detoxing the body as a whole by going on a diet or cleanse. While there is nothing wrong with doing that, we tend to forget about one thing, the skin. Your pores need to be unclogged so that your skin can work properly to get rid of toxins. By detoxing the skin, your body will feel much better and as a bonus you will lose a few extra pounds. Read a portion from this article from Bellasugar..........

4. Hit up the sauna: Like the old-time traditions of the public bath, spending time at the sauna helps to rid your pores of toxins through your sweat. Try an infra-red sauna, which allows the heat to better penetrate your skin to help flush out the toxins deep in your skin. Fan of Bikram yoga? High temperatures and stimulating poses will also help to detoxify your system.
5. Pour apple cider vinegar in your tub: Ingesting apple cider vinegar has plenty of detoxifying benefits, and it's also great to soak in with a little Epsom salt. This blend helps to pull out the toxins from your skin, restore your skin's pH balance, and can even help with skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. See more from Bellasugar

Apple cider vinegar in your tub mixed with Epsom salt does wonders. There's no need for the sauna when you use this method. Both however are still good methods to use.

Increase Fiber Intake For Healthy Weight Loss

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gluten And Weight Gain

The food today is not the same food people used to eat years ago. As a matter of fact, bread, flour, and even sugar is much different today. Factories use a cheaper version of the real stuff to save money and make more money. People are not aware of what happens behind the scenes and most just pick up food, put it in the grocery cart, and buy it without reading the label.          

One of the foods that is different now is wheat. A lot of wheat bread contains high fructose corn syrup and other harmful ingredients. It's been striped of the important things our body needs. It causes weight gain and disease. Read what the folks from Natural News had to say....

Wheat is far removed from the wheat eaten by our ancestors. In the last 100 years it has been mutated into something monstrous. It is now a "Frankenwheat" and many people are unaware of its destructive capacity. Dr William Davis is a cardiologist who was having no success with his diabetic patients utilizing diets with whole grains. What he found in his research was shocking and has a far reaching effect on the health of everyone from meat eaters to vegetarians. Read the rest of this article click -----> Wheat causes weight gain and sickness 

Also read a portion of this article from Natural News....

Sayer Ji of proposed this analysis: "... the weight gain associated with wheat consumption has little to do with caloric content per se; rather, the gluten proteins ... disrupt endocrine and exocrine processes within the body, as well as directly modulating nuclear gene expression ... to alter mammalian metabolism in the direction of weight gain."

This study report, according to Sayer Ji proves that the major factor of obesity is gluten, not calories. Considering that both groups of mice were fed high fat diets and the gluten free mice lost weight without excreting lipids also implies that fat free diets for losing weight are bogus. This has been suspected by other nutritional experts who've abandoned matrix thinking.

Sayer Ji recommends that those who are overweight, pre-diabetic, experiencing metabolic syndrome, or suffering from irritable bowel syndrome try avoiding gluten grains, especially wheat, to determine from experience if gluten is the underlying cause. Continue reading Here.

The best thing anyone can do who struggles with weight gain is to eliminate wheat from their diet. By doing so you will reduce your risk of obesity and auto immune diseases such as arthritis and Alzheimer's, because excessive wheat can cause inflammation and the inflammation is what causes the auto immune diseases. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Increase Fiber Intake For Healthy Weight Loss

Use a juicer to help you lose weight faster  
If you are looking to lose those unwanted pounds from the previous year, try adding more fiber to your diet. The more fiber you eat, the fuller you feel and the faster you will lose body fat. Fiber allows you to go longer between meals and you will eat less at each meal than you would if you didn't eat fiber. When eating fiber, you also want to increase your fluid intake. The water and fiber will help sweep your intestines and move the food through your body and out. This is what you want to happen if you want to lose weight the healthy way.

Plus fiber helps fight off illness and disease such as colon cancer, heart disease, constipation, and high cholesterol.

You don't need weight loss programs to help you get to a healthy weight. One of the best benefits of getting more fiber is that you will be more satisfied than you would if you ate a whole plate of junk foods. Fiber takes longer to chew and digest which is the reason you stay full longer.

Getting the fiber you need isn't hard to do. If you eat the right foods in the first place, you'll get the recommended amount of fiber. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables such as apples, greens, avocado  fennel, nuts, and other fiber rich foods such as oatmeal and mix apples and raisins in it. You can also eat fiber rich cereals, just make sure there is no excess sugars in it.

Whole grains offers some of the best source of fiber, so make sure you eat some at every meal. If you are staying away from grains, just eat fresh or frozen fruits and veggies.

Avocados go well in smoothies along with strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, apple chunks, flax seeds, and cabbage. So instead of cooking breakfast, have a smoothie. You'll feel good if you have one every morning.

After you have your morning smoothie, take the next 30-45 minutes and jog or go on a bike ride. Exercise along with the fiber kicks the digestive system in gear to get rid of waste, toxins, and other harmful chemicals in your body.

Once you make these changes, keep in mind your body will have to get used to the increased amounts of fiber. If you're not used to high fiber in your diet you will experience bloating and gas which will go away after your body gets used to the fiber. Just focus on making it a habit to eat fiber and you'll be fine and remember that the right amount of fiber offers the body a lot of healthy benefits.

Avoid Diets If You Want A Slim Waist Line

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High-fiber Diets and Weight Loss

Friday, January 4, 2013

Gaining Muscles Is Your Answer For 2013 Weight Loss

The fastest way to lose all the weight you gained in 2012 is to gain muscle. Walking is a good way to keep your heart rate up, but when it comes to serious weight lost, muscle gain is the way to do it. Just think of it this way: you have to gain something in 2013 to lose the weight; and that is the muscles I'm talking about.

You can start off gaining muscles very cheaply at home. You can go to the store and purchase low priced dumbbells at the weight you are comfortable with and workout at home. Ladies, you can fill up plastic water bottle or jugs with water or sand and do arm lifts to gain leaner arms.

Bottom line is you certainly don't need a gym to expensive machines or equipment to lose weight. Plus you can make your own protein smoothies at home. All you need is nuts, the fruit/veggies of your choice, water/almond milk/100% juice, and a blender to make it. Losing weight in 2013 will be easy and you don't need anything expensive to do it.

Avoid Diets If You Want A Slim Waist Line